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The channel numbers were assigned back in the 1960s (even though C4 didn't begin until 1982.) But the network was designed with a gap in the frequencies to allow for non-broadcast services and it was the Government who decided that they could squeeze in a fifth service in this gap by moving the other services out.This was in 1990, and it was well known at the time that using this scheme would mean some of the population would miss out.However, you may need one or more additional aerials to receive DTT transmissions as well a digital decoder. Some viewers who can get good reception of BBC1, BBC2, ITV and C4 may be mystified as to why they get a lousy C5 picture or none at all.The reason is a simple one, the 625-line UHF television system used in the UK was designed to carry exactly four channels.As it turned out Channel 5 ended up using a mixture of the frequencies in the gap as well as other frequencies.Because some of C5's transmitters are broadcasting in a different band from the other stations, many viewers require a different aerial.To increase the coverage, C5 Broadcasting also made sure its channel is available free to both cable viewers and viewers who have Astra satellite decoders.

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For further information on Digital TV see the link at the bottom of this page.) Channel 5 will not be launching any new channels on DTT, but instead intends to sell off its spare capacity to others.

DTT's coverage will be wider than the existing Channel 5 network, since it's designed to eventually replace the existing analogue services.

Britain's newest TV station began with a song from The Spice Girls on Easter Sunday 1997 at .

You can find out all about Channel 5 in this definitive guide.

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